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Build A House For 50K

House prices keep increasing rapidly. There are some places where house prices are approximately cheaper. Building your own house according to your needs is very much possible. Materials can be expensive, but there are certain things you should know before you start building your own house.


This article will discuss building your own house for just $50k. Let’s get down to the details:


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Can you build your own house for 50K?


Yes, building your own house for 50K is possible, but to do that, you will have to cut out on the lifestyle expenses. To build your house under this price, you will need some experience and carpentering experience.


This cost will exclude the property on which you are building the house, as it is impossible to first build your house and then purchase land for 50K. Consider the below things while building your own house:


Fees of the Property


When building your own house, you must acquire permits and land costs. These fees are expensive and can cost more than 50K if you are going for a huge piece of land. If you are considering building your own house in 50K, it is a fact that the house is a small house on a small plot.


Land fees are those expenses that revolve around a huge property, including developing the terrain and preparing it for construction work. You just cannot predict the fees of the property as it solely depends on the area.


On average, in the US, the cost of land depends on the purpose of the land. Generally, farmland costs $3,000 per acre, and cropland costs $4,000 per acre. Here we are not calculating the price of the land as it solely depends on the area, how large it is, and what type of land you are purchasing.


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Now you have purchased your own house, now is the time to design your house as per your needs. If you choose to design your home with a full professional makeover, it’s best to hire an architect.


After the architect has designed a plan for your house, now is the perfect time to start building your house. You will also need a strong foundation, as building codes are required for the architecture to be legitimate.


However, you may need approval from engineers and architects to grant permission to build a house even though the land is in your name. Be ready to self-finance the building amount rather than having that amount lent, as some lenders do not approve of individualistic housing.


A small and simple house is the key to building a successful house under 50k, and it is important to know that to make this happen, there will be great sacrifices ahead which will be arriving your way, and you will have to accept them.


You can build a three-bedroom house for 50k only if you have a small family. Make sure to plan accordingly for your layout to work so your plan reaches its destination.


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Building Goods


The cost of construction and building goods are the main ingredients that will cover most of the money. You will need many materials to build your own house, which is worth considering if you are building your own house.


Before building your house all by yourself, make sure you have all the knowledge about building a house, as any mistake will not be a good sign. However, you can also purchase pre-made modular houses and get them delivered to your location as the money will cost less in that procedure.


Below mentioned is a list of things which you will be bedding to build your house under 50k:


Item Pricing
Foundations $2000
Lumber $4000
Roofing $2000
Siding $1500
Wall $5000
Appliances $2000
Windows $3000
Electricity $1500
Plumbing $2000
Bathroom $2500
Kitchen  $3000
Paint $350
Furnishing $3000
Additional Cost $5000
Total costing to build a house under 1000 sq. ft. $36850


After this whole calculation, you will have $15,000 left for the price of land, labour and tools. Building a house on your own for 50k is daunting, but it can happen.




Let’s decide what furnishing you can purchase to build a house under 50k. Investing in space-saving furniture that will help you make the most out of your living room can be a good option.


While buying furniture for your house, the most important thing to keep in mind is to pick according to your budget while choosing furniture that can last longer. For example, it is worth investing your money in futon sofas for $1000 rather than buying a $100 sofa.


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How to save your money while building your own house under 50k?


You can save your money on land costs by purchasing a small plot of land rather than buying a large plot of land. This means that you only have to buy that much land which will be useful for you.


You will be saving big time on square feet as you build your own house under 50k. As your cost per square foot is smaller, this will be cheaper in the long run. Plan out the size of your house very carefully and save as much money as you can.


You can save even more money by building your house and using only the needed labour like plumbers or electricians. This saves you a lot of money as your labour cost is zero.




Building a house under 50k on your own is challenging, but it takes lots of patience and determination. You might build a beautiful house cheaply if you set your budget well.


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Can I really build a complete house for $50K?


While it's possible, keep in mind that costs vary based on location, size, materials, and labor. Smaller homes or DIY efforts can help achieve this budget.

What are some cost-saving strategies to consider?


Opt for energy-efficient materials, use recycled or reclaimed items, explore prefab options, and do some tasks yourself to reduce expenses.

Are there any potential drawbacks to building on a tight budget?


Lower costs may mean compromising on size or luxury features. Additionally, carefully research contractors and materials to avoid sacrificing quality.

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