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Creating professional paystubs is a convenient task, as you can easily do it online nowadays. You don’t need to install costly software on your system or hire an accountant to make it for you, as without going through these steps, you can get a paystub ready within seconds. You can get them in an instant and in the way you want your income proof to be hourly, weekly, or monthly.

It is beneficial for both corporations and individuals to create paychecks within the least possible time and without spending much. Even accountants are shifting to making their clients’ stubs over the Internet as they, too, don’t have to hire assistants to manage their workload, especially during taxation season.

Suitable For Every Business Size & Self-Employed Too

Though the turnover is not as high as that of a huge business, small businesses must maintain records of salaries paid to employees as they are not exempt from paying professional taxes. It makes a good impression in the minds of workers that you value them by handing over valid proof of income to them, which they can use anytime they desire to produce it for credibility.

Large business owners don’t have much time to pay extra heed to individual paychecks created by the HR Department. Suppose any error occurs after the salary is distributed. In that case, it will take time to regenerate them, which cannot be taken into consideration if they are to be produced in an emergency to avail of loans or credit facilities from a bank or any other financial institute. Hence, it is the best online service they can use on a limited budget.

When individuals work as Freelancers, all the tasks are performed digitally, and hence, it is hard to maintain paper records. The agreement and work are online, and the payment is received over the Internet, and nobody has time to spare to hire a CA.

While having relaxation time, paychecks can be instantly made using online stubs. Within a minute, you can forward them to your mailbox. Stubs are available for contractors, employees, and freelancers. Self-employed guys fall under the contractor category as they are not permanent employees of the company.

Payment Security

Before making payrolls, there prevails a question in the minds of users whether the payments they will make over the net will be safe or not, as the information is truly confidential. While you are making online payments with, you can be worry-free as the payments are made through a secured gateway, PayPal.

Making Hourly, Weekly, and Monthly Paychecks in Easy Steps

You do not need anyone’s help generating stubs, as you can create them yourself in three easy steps at

The first step is to enter information, where you have to fill in all the basic details in order: State, marital status, and how you are paid. You have to select the duration after which you receive the pay- weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, or annually- depending upon which you can customize your check stub.

You also have to select whether the pay is hour-based or salary-based. This lets the auto-calculator function calculate precisely.

The weekly pay stub is required by people who receive pay every weekend, where the auto-calculation feature considers the total number of hours you have worked in the week and gives you an exact figure. Similarly, an hourly pay stub is generated by considering the hourly pay rate you entered.

The information is not limited to this. You also have to enter the basic details of the company and gross pay, after which the statutory deductions will be automatically calculated by the seamless calculator. The calculator functions very smoothly and shows the results within the blink of an eye.

The second step is Preview, where you get to see the preview of the stub that you are about to print or forward to your mailbox. The third step is generating output, whether it is getting a hard copy at the very moment you are creating a paycheck or saving it to your desktop by downloading it for later use.

The main benefit of creating duration-wise electronic payrolls is that they are beneficial for contractors and employees. One does not need to hop to different sites to develop separate stubs for both, as it can be accomplished accurately using one interface.

Moreover, there are no restrictions on the number of check stubs you can create at the same time. Also, the exemptions can be claimed.

Make Check Stubs Like A Pro

Generate your Proof of Income like a pro using Leaving no point uncovered, you will get well-formatted electronic paychecks without much effort and with great effectiveness. You need not worry about accepting the stubs created online, as they are recognized by most organizations. There is also an option for adding your company logo, which makes the professional pay stubs appear genuine.

There is no difference between the payrolls you get generated from the accountant and the ones you make with us, and there is a lot of difference between the ones you create manually and those created online. Make an online stub with us and let people wonder how you created such accurate stubs in so little time.

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What information do I need to generate a professional pay stub?


To generate a professional pay stub, you must gather the employee's name, hourly or salaried rate, hours worked, deductions, and bonuses or overtime pay.

How can I generate a pay stub hourly, weekly, or monthly?


Many online pay stub generators allow you to create pay stubs hourly, weekly, or monthly. You can input the necessary information and choose a template that fits your needs. Some pay stub generators may charge a fee for their services.

Are there any legal requirements for generating pay stubs?


The requirements for generating pay stubs can vary by state and industry. Some states may require that you provide pay stubs to employees or contractors, while others may not.

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