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There is no shortage of Free Paycheck Stub Templates online. You can easily find download-and-use layouts that can be directly used to create a pay stub. However, you must possess the proper knowledge of selection. If you are a big organization, the way you choose your template defines the format for all of your employees. If you decide to continue with one layout, uniformity must be maintained.

You cannot change the template all the time. Hence, it is required to make wise decisions from the very beginning. This does not mean that you have to stick to the chosen format with free pay stub template with calculator once you decide to go for it. You can change it after a particular time duration, but until then, you should stress about choosing the one that doesn’t make you hop from one to another more frequently.

“The simplest paystub template is the one which is easy for the employee to read”

Check Stub Template – Things to Check

Basically, a free check stub template includes everything that is dictated by state law. For instance, some states like Arkansas and South Dakota don’t even require employers to provide paychecks to employees at all. But the thing is, providing a paycheck is like providing a payment receipt to the customer, it directly affects the value of your business. It also becomes a positive point that you value your employees by providing them with well-formatted check stubs against the work they are doing for you.

The basic criteria for the details you expect from a pay stub maker include two things:

  1. Work Location/State of your Employees
  2. The benefits provided by your business

Requirements as per the State

As already discussed above, not all states require employers to provide pay stubs. Hence, you need to check what your state requires you to include in the paycheck. In the US, 26 states require employers to provide paystubs, of which only 11 states want them to be printed out on paper, and 9 states show no requirement of providing them at all. The rest of the states let employers and their employees decide together whether check stubs are provided, and employees can opt-in or opt-out at their convenience.

Why use Free Pay Stub Maker over fake Paychecks

For instance, California requires details like the total number of hours worked, start date, and end date of a pay period, and any piece of work (number of units and rate) must be included on the generated paper/printed paystub. In Nebraska, it is required to include used and available paid time off or sick leave information, too. Florida requires only the workers union to produce paychecks; otherwise, you don’t need to provide them.

Make Free Pay Stubs with templates that provide the following things in common:

  1. Company’s name and address
  2. Employee’s name and ID
  3. Pay Period
  4. Date of Payment of Stub
  5. Gross Wages, including regular pay and overtime pay
  6. Tips, Commissions pay, and other earnings
  7. Pre Tax Deductions and Post Tax Deductions
  8. Net Pay

10+ Free Basic & Advance Paycheck Stub Template Designs

If you wish to continue with the free pay stub template, we have 10+ layouts besides a neat and precise default template design. The varied layouts help you to streamline your paycheck format as applicable in your state and as suited to your organization’s needs. Make free pay stubs now!

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What is a paycheck stub template, and why is it important to choose the right one?


A paycheck stub template is a pre-designed form or document that provides a framework for creating a pay stub. Choosing the right paycheck stub template is important to ensure that your pay stub accurately reflects your earnings, deductions, and taxes. The right template can also make it easier to generate pay stubs quickly and efficiently.

What factors should I consider when choosing a free paycheck stub template?


When choosing a free paycheck stub template, you should consider several factors, including the level of customization required, the complexity of your payroll processes, and any legal or financial regulations that apply to your industry or location.

Where can I find free paycheck stub templates?


You can find free paycheck stub templates online through various sources, including payroll software providers, financial blogs or resources, and business websites. When choosing a free template, be sure to review the terms and conditions of use and any disclaimers or limitations of liability.

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