What is Invoice?

An invoice is a time-stamped economic document that enumerates and records a transaction between a buyer and seller. If a particular goods or service was purchased on credit, invoice generally specifies the terms of the deal and provides information on the available payment methods.

There are different types of invoice which can include the following: paper receipt, bill of sale, debit note, sales invoice and online electronic record.

How to Make Invoice Online?

Here is a step-by-step guide for creating invoice online:

1. Choose an Online Platform:
● Quickbooks Online: It is a comprehensive software which offers invoicing features
● Zoho Invoice: Offers online invoicing and time tracking.
● Freshbooks: It is an invoicing and accounting software which offers invoicing features.

2. Sign up & Log In: Choose whatever platform you are comfortable with and sign up for it. You will need to provide basic information in order to set up your account.

3. Create a New Invoice: After you’re logged in, click on “Create a New Invoice”. This will be displayed on main menu or you will find it on the menu bar.

4. Fill the Invoice Details: Fill in the below information:
● Your Business Information: Business name, addres, contact number
● Client Information: Client’s name, address and contact information
● Invoice Number: It is a unique number for tracking purposes
● Invoice Date: Date when the invoice was issued
● Due Date: Date by which the payment is expected
● Description: Detailed description of good or service provided
● Quantity and Unit Price: List the quantity and unit price for each item
● Total Amount: Calculate the total amount

5. Add Payment Details: Note down the payment method which you accept, like Paypal, credit card etc. Be sure to include the necessary details for chosen payment method.

6. Terms & Conditions: You can add terms & conditions like late penalties, return policies and other important information.

7. Preview & Save: Most software’s like Stubcreator allows a preview option to make sure that everything is in proper order and is looking good.

8. Send the Invoice: After you have saved the invoice, you can directly send it to the client. You can send it directly via email from the platform itself.

9. Track & Manage: Several platforms offers tracking & managing your invoices, send reminders and even let you manage history.


How to Pay an Invoice Online?

In order to pay an invoice online, you don’t have to go to bank to make payments for your outstanding invoices. You can make payment by online method via selecting your invoices and payment options such as credit cards and internet banking.

To pay an invoice online, you should have your debit or credit card in your hand and enter the details when prompted. There can be an extra step of authenticating the program via a third-party software.

Since you’re paying the invoice online, the payment should go smoothly. You wouldn’t need to rely on the slow consignment as you do with a cheque- specially if it’s an international invoice.


Where can I Make an Invoice for Free?

Stubcreator’s free invoice generator allows you to generate professional invoice for your clients within minutes. Submit the necessary details to fill up your invoice and the major plus point is that you can view the preview of the paystub in right side of your screen.

How do I Create My Own Invoice?

Creating your own Invoice incudes several things just follow the following steps:

● Template: Choose a software for creating your invoice
● Contact Info: Include your and client’s information
● Invoice Details: Appoint a unique invoice number and date issued
● Due Date: Stipulate the payment details
● Detailed List: List down goods or services with description and price
● Subtotal: Sum up the item total
● Additional Charges: Includes taxes
● Discount: Add applicable taxes
● Total Amount: Calculate the total amount
● Payment Info: Specify the payment method and details
● Terms & Conditions: Highlight the terms & conditions
● Signature: Add a digital signature
● Save & Share: Save it as PDF & send it to your client


Online Invoice Creation

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