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Our Check Stub Maker is recently introduced at new prices. With the minor change in the pricing, we have made using the pay stub generator a blissful experience as we have not just changed the prices but also kept user convenience in mind.

3 Reasons to Choose Pay Stub Maker over & again

Pay Stub Maker is the foremost choice whenever one wants to create paystubs instantly. Keeping the core purpose in mind, here is what you have at the end of the day:

Why Check Stub Maker rocks over Outsourcing Payroll?

Still the Lowest Priced Pay Stub

To all those who think that they will have to spend more per pay stub, our paystub generator still offers the lowest charging one. Unlike many other check stub creators who heavily charge per stub, we are costing a very nominal and competitive amount that fits every budget size. Besides considering the affordability of businesses, we are also concerned with the affordability of freelancers.

New User Offer: Create Pay Stubs at FLAT $4.99 OFF

Reliable Paycheck Stubs

Make equally efficient and instant paycheck stubs like you always do with us. is constantly striving to upgrade for a better user experience without any compromise in paystub quality. You can totally rely on us for generating accurate paychecks whether you want to create one for your employees or for yourself. We promise to deliver check stubs with the highest accuracy and in a few minutes.

Free Check Stub

If you are a new user, we have a great welcome offer for you. All new users at can now enjoy FLAT $4.99 OFF on their first pay stub order. The offer applies to new users who opt for more than one pay stub for the first time or wish to create check stubs in bulk during their first order.

Free Pay Stub Template

For those who were waiting for customizable paychecks to get budgetary, you can now create Free Pay Stub Templates. Wondering How? It is as easy as creating a normal pay stub. Just select your desired template from the dropdown and you can enjoy a free check stub template with your very first stub if you are a new user.

A few of the templates are priced the same as you get discounted for the first paystub order, only new users can grab this opportunity and get a pay stub free with desired template design.

So, what are you waiting for?! Create a Pay Stub now with us, like 71K+ Users who have already done.

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What is a check stub maker, and how does it work?


A check stub maker is an online tool that helps you create professional and accurate pay stubs for yourself or your employees. It typically requires inputting basic information such as employee details, pay rate, hours worked, and tax deductions.

What are a check stub maker's updated prices and perks, and how do they benefit me?


A check stub maker's updated prices and perks may vary depending on the provider. Some common perks may include additional customization options, such as logos and branding, and more advanced features, like direct deposit or automatic tax calculations. Prices may also vary depending on the package or subscription plan you choose.

Is a check stub maker legal and compliant with financial regulations?


Yes, a check stub maker is legal and compliant with financial regulations as long as it follows standard accounting practices and includes accurate and truthful information. However, ensuring that the check stub maker you choose complies with legal and financial regulations in your specific location and industry is essential.

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